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In 1973, my father TANAKA Noboru founded an electronics manufacturer Toyo Electronic Factory, Co. Ltd in a SMEs’ region or a “Main Street” of the kind, Higasi-Osaka city of Osaka. My father’s company was engaged in producing and delivering electronic parts, so that in my childhood I used to play with them.
Later, I grew up to enroll in Kyoto College of Art (now integrated into and renamed as Kyoto University of Art and Design). I majored there on ceramic arts and thus studied arts and crafts as well as electronics.
After graduation, I joined the company, and soon found a brilliant potential in the ready-made industrial parts to create an extraordinary value. In 1993, enchanted with these burgeons, I made renovation of company and launched the craftsman’s label “Massanova Art(TM)” as the company’s flagship brand, a business that is set to rework various industrial ready-mades and to repurpose them for a robot-like toy, craft, or objet. Since then, I have blossomed them out successfully.
It is my pleasure and honor to make you enjoy the fruits of great labor and professional artisanship, Massanova Art(TM).
Massanova Art(TM) hereafter will make further design and engineering innovations with our love for and skill of craftsmanship to pioneer new values for our customers.

Executive Officer and Creator: TANAKA Jun

■Label Name:Massanova Art(TM)

■Office / Factory:Toyo Electronic Factory, Co. Ltd. (Headquarters)
67-2-103, Ikaga Nishimachi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka, 573-0066, Japan

■Contact Us:(domestic) 072-844-4611 / (international) +81-72-844-4611
■E-mail: massanova-art@y8.dion.ne.jp

・planning, design, manufacture, and sale of industrio-composite craftwork
・inventing brand-new type of design
・leading workshop, entertainment, and lecture
・collaboration with clients or partner companies

■Bank:Kinki Osaka Bank, Korichuo branch office